The pleasure of bringing a new life into the world is incomparable to anything else. Pregnancy is a very uncertain and crucial phase in the life of every woman. No two women may have the same pregnancy experience. Although one thing is certainly common in most expecting mothers; they all want to feel more loved, appreciated, confident, and beautiful from within.

What better way to feel jubilant and mesmerizing without spending long hours on eye make-up than embracing Lash extensions. Wait a minute! I know the next question in your mind. Is Lash extension safe for the baby and mother to be? We are here to answer this query that gives jitters to expecting moms when they think opting for eyelash extensions while pregnant.

Read on further for details to know what a lash artist and pregnant women should bear in mind.

 1) Better be safe than sorry

The lash artist must confirm from every client regarding their pregnancy. Though it may not be the usual norm to ask a woman regarding this, it is crucial for the safety of the client and unborn baby. While undergoing a cosmetic treatment there are chances that the client may develop some allergies or reactions to the products used. Any complications or discomfort during this time is unwelcome. So, break the barrier and go ahead with this confirmation even though you know the client may feel awkward. Also, this is a true mark of a professional and your client will be happy to know you are one. Yippee! You can look forward to more recommendations.

2) Patch Test

Lash artists seldom come across clients with allergic reactions, besides the ones who have a latex allergy. Even then, a patch test is recommended for every new client to test the reaction of the adhesive used for bonding the lashes.

If it is an old client that comes to you with the news of being pregnant, you must get them to do a quick patch test. Many times clients may have never had any issues during earlier lash extensions, but during pregnancy, it is ideal to check for any allergic reactions. Moreover, the treatment for the allergies during pregnancy becomes a little complicated due to the medication restriction. Although this is a far-fetched situation as it is most unlikely for a client who has no allergy history to develop one during pregnancy.

t doesn’t take that much time to just apply a few lashes onto your natural ones with the glue. A word of caution: If you have not tried lash extensions before your pregnancy, it is recommended that you leave it for some time later after childbirth.

3) The main concern – The glue

 Mothers tend to be very cautious when it comes to their child’s health. Eyelash extensions are one of the most non-invasive cosmetic procedures;provided you consult a professional artist who uses quality products. The best part is that the lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes and not directly on your skin.

The main concern - The glue

Some lash artists may use glue with formaldehyde as their ingredient. If so, you will notice a lot of fumes during your treatment. This calls for a quit as formaldehyde may tend to be harmful to the baby.  Lash artists once informed must ensure that they use more gentle glue for their expecting clients devoid of formaldehyde.

The lash studios must be well ventilated as many pregnant women are sensitive to smell . During your patch test, if you are unable to bear the smell than it’s not the time for you.

4) Position for the process

The lash extension procedure takes at least 2 to 3 hours and requires the client to lie down on their back. This position may be unsuitable for pregnant ladies. As an alternative, lash studios must try to use pre-fanned lashes that can work out as a time-saving procedure by reducing the full set application time to almost half. Even though the cost is high for this one, it is worth the investment to be a part of the wonderful childbirth journey and ensure customer satisfaction.

Some lash artists make the volume fans by hand which is again a very time-consuming process. A disadvantage of this may be that the fans may not be in total symmetry. If the client is comfortable then during the last trimester they must be asked to drop in for the appointment earlier than the scheduled time to cut down on the time.

Another viable solution would be to ask the clients to lie on their side with their head straight during their extension procedure. Putting a pillow under the leg or behind the spine may help to give more comfort by reducing stress. Pregnant women tend to get restless and wiggly due to baby weight and kicking. The client may not be able to sit still for long, wanting to even change positions frequently. 

Do not try to finish the entire procedure in one go. A good strategy would be to take breaks often. You can take small breaks every few minutes so that the client stretches, relax, and walk around for some time before you get back to work. Another alternative would be to finish lashing one eye and then declaring a longer break time for an hour or so to unwind.Since inclined or sitting position may not be conducive, this would work out as the best trick to finish your lashing sessions smoothly.

During the later stages, pregnant women need to visit the restroom more frequently. Make sure you have provisions for this as well. Dealing with pregnant clients would demand a lot of patience on the part of both parties involved.

Due to these breaks and adjustments, the appointment time may be slightly stretched out than the usual sittings. The lash artist will have to consciously schedule the next appointments with this in consideration so that clients don’t waste their precious time. We all know how women have to juggle with their schedules!


Hormonal imbalance is extremely conspicuous during the time of pregnancy and childbirth which may lead to hair loss or growth in women. Due to this, the retention of the lash extensions may get affected. The client may have to visit the studio more often than they may expect. So that your client is not in for a last-minute surprise, it is better to educate them about this natural change beforehand.


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