Magnetic eyelashes are an innovative beauty product. They are applied with the use of magnetic eyeliner which works to hold them in place the way glue generally would.

For those lucky ladies who already have gorgeous eyelash extensions, there could be an irresistible urge to add more volume for special occasions by putting magnetic lashes on top of eyelash extensions. Oftentimes, many also consider using lashes a few days before their refill appointment at professional eyelash extensions salon to make up for that unpleasant fallout. But there is one dilemma that bothers all our lash beauties; 

Is It Safe to Wear Magnetic Lashes on Top of Eyelash Extensions?

What are magnetic lashes?

Many ladies, even after several attempts and hours of practice are not successful at easily wearing false eyelashes. Magnetic lashes are their savior as they are designed to work easily and efficiently.

magnetic lashes

A strip of magnets runs across the base of magnetic false lashes; magnetism keeps the strip in place and hidden. So those of you who lack the skills and patience to apply false lashes can breathe a sigh of relief as this innovation in the beauty world is a safe replacement for our good old friend falsies. Many vouch for these lashes as they find them very comfortable to wear and easy to apply with the right application procedure.

There are two main categories of magnetic lashes:

1. Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes

Magnetic eyeliner lashes look very similar to classic fake lashes but do not use any glue to adhere them to your natural lashes. So how do they stick? A magnetic eyeliner, containing iron oxides, acts as a magnet. The lashes have a strip of magnets along the bottom and are polarized with a charge opposite of the eyeliner. This means when the magnetic eyeliner is applied to the magnetic lashes, the opposite field on the magnetic liner and lashes attract each other.

2. Magnetic Strip Lashes

Two strips of fake lashes per eye with magnets along their base adhere to your natural lashes in this technique. One strip is kept on top of your natural lashes along the lash line, while the other strip sits below your lashes. Since both the strips are polarized with opposite charges, the two magnets attract each other, creating a mesmerizing lash look. 

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Why Shouldn’t You Wear Magnetic Lashes On Top Of Eyelash Extensions?

Compared to wearing magnetic lashes on natural lashes, it is complicated to manage them with lash extensions. Although it is not impossible to do so, the real feat is in removing them without damaging your lashes.

How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes With Lash Extensions

Eyeliner Lashes

As mentioned earlier, this type of magnetic lashes uses a particular type of eyeliner to bind the fake lashes to the lash line. Obviously, at the end of the day, you need to remove the eyeliner. At this point, there comes the risk of tugging, pulling, and rubbing the lashes, which will eventually damage your eyelash extensions and your natural lashes.

That is the reason why our professional eyelash extensions salon recommends using water-based makeup products, including a water-based eyeliner as it is easier to remove without inflicting any harm to your lashes. You need to understand that removing eyeliner while wearing lash extensions is a very delicate procedure. Although the magnetic eyeliner does not fit in the category of water-based products, you can use it with lash extensions with utmost care. 

A word of caution: It is irrefutable that any product that goes so close to your eyes may lead to irritation or allergic reaction. This can be the case even with a magnetic eyeliner. 

Removing Magnetic Strips With Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

Two magnetic strips will be keeping your natural lashes in place as well as your extensions, binding them with a magnetic force. If you simply try to pull forward the magnetic strip lashes, you wouldn’t be able to do so without ripping apart your natural lashes.

Using a perfect angle, you need to hold the magnetic lash strip from the outer corner of your eye, lift it and drag it towards the inner region of the eye.

Although this may sound quite easy, it is quintessential to remember that the magnetic force between some lashes is quite strong. It is quite possible that while trying to remove the top magnetic lash strip, you could exert pressure on your eyelash extensions. Along with your extensions, your natural lashes may also undergo unwanted stress, damaging your hair follicles or causing them to fall out. 

In all honesty, eyelash extensions are a luxury treatment that demands a good amount of time and is not cheap. It is not just a one-time investment; you need to maintain your lash extensions with lash refills every few weeks. 

Another aspect to consider- eyelash extensions are customized for each client depending on the lash look they desire and the health of the natural lashes. The professional eyelash expert spends a considerable amount of time designing a custom look that fits their client’s needs. On the other hand, magnetic lashes are a generic product (one size fits all) that is not individually customized to meet each client’s specifications. 


We can understand that you may want to use magnetic lashes to cover up for the sparse lashes when you’re nearing a refill session or to amp your look for special occasions. But this DIY application can end up ruining your precious lash extensions and damaging/ breaking your natural lashes.

Moreover, when it comes to eyelash extensions you can trust that our certified lash professionals take legit precautions while working around your delicate eyes. But the chemicals and removal process used in DIY magnetic lashes may inflict harm on your sensitive eyes or lashes.

Eyelash extensions have become a hit wave in the beauty circuit. Professional eyelash extensions experts recommend you opt for volume/hybrid lash extensions instead of classic eyelash extensions. Additionally, to support voluminous extensions and longer retention periods, use a lash growth serum to help your natural lashes grow long, thick, and strong. For more pro tips and expert advice on eyelash extensions, you ought to visit Wisp Lashes! Book an appointment now! Your beautiful look awaits you!