What are the steps to be taken for well-shaped eyebrows?

shaped eyebrows

They say the face says it all. Well, some beauty experts are of the view that it is about the different facets of a face like the ‘Eyebrows Shaping’ that can really make or break the overall look of a person & that my friend says it all. 

Some others say that the facial attractiveness of an individual comes from what is considered to be the most important aspect of a person’s face & that remains since ages the ever so famous feature – the eyebrows. 

Hands down, eyebrows are considered to be the most crucial aspect as they uplift other elements & characteristics of a face & what better than a pair of nicely done & groomed brows? This beauty feature also performs various tasks as they help in shaping a face; they help in the framing of the eyes & interestingly; they also play a vital role in communication.

Since we know what significance nicely trimmed eyebrows holds & the way it can transform the entire look of a person, it is also imperative to understand the importance of giving the perfect shape that your eyebrows need. 

Not everyone is born with perfectly trimmed brows & hence, it becomes essential to know certain techniques or steps to get well-shaped eyebrows. To gain the right knowledge from the right experts, it is also necessary to reach the right door to unravel the secrets for getting perfect manicured eyebrows & “Wisp Lashes” have their doors open for all to help women to be their gorgeous best at all events with getting their brows groomed the right way & that too at affordable rates.

However, it is indispensable to know the various steps in getting the most potent aspect of your looks – the eyebrows the most correctly in accordance with your face.


  • remains one of the oldest & the most basic techniques in giving shape to the eyebrows which includes twisting a cotton thread to remove the unwanted hair; however, there are other techniques as well that can be chosen for grooming the eyebrows the perfect way. 


  • This is a technique far more preferable for people whose eyebrows grow faster. It is a simple method for just plucking the extra hair on the brow bone.
  • One must pluck the hair in the direction of its growth & also not remove more than a line of hair.
  • This can be done with the help of tweezers & may prove to be a convenient way to groom & maintain the shape of the brows. 
  • However, one crucial thing to keep in mind for tweezing is to do it after a shower as it opens pores & makes it easier to remove the extra hair.


  • This method can prove to be on the messier side, but is the best alternative for the ones who have frizzy & stubborn hair or the ones who have thick brows.
  • This technique uses cold or hot wax to remove the extra hair. Just like the waxing technique used on hands & legs, the same method of using a paper strip or in some cases stripless wax is used to remove the unwanted hair on the brow bone.
  • People with sensitive skin can avoid this method; however, to get the best results with less painful sessions, one can definitely head to experts offering a gentle waxing process.

Brow filling

  • Brow filling is considered to be one of the best alternatives for people having lighter eyebrows.
  • People who only want to fill in the extra gaps in the eyebrows can make use of brow fillers like powders, mousse or pencils.
  • However, even this method requires a proper technique for making it look effortless. The first thing is to get an angled brush to brush the brows in an upward direction.
  • A mascara applicator which is a spoolie brush is also great for giving a perfect shape to the brows & help in blending the eyebrow filler.
  • Choosing a proper shade of a brow filler according to the colour of the hair is also vital. 

When it comes to Eyebrows Shaping people desire a look so real for making others raise their eyebrows. They want their eyebrows to speak volumes about their personality & uplift other features of the face as well. However, not all can try the methods mentioned above at home; it requires the expertise of professionals in the field who can give those brows a fuller & voluminous feel. All said & done, it is always a good decision to first know which eyebrow shape would suit best for your face & most importantly, the place for getting the job done. Whether you go for tweezing, waxing or filling up your brows in Austin or Knoxville or anywhere else, it is wise to choose experts for giving it the perfect shape to your brows & adding to your beauty.