The difference between Classic & Volume Eyelash Extensions

The difference between Classic & Volume Eyelash Extensions

Seasons change, & so do trends in apparels, costumes & makeup change, but ever wondered what is that one thing that perhaps never goes out of trend or fashion & whose obsession remains the same for the longest time? Eyelash extensions it is darling! You can go for either Classic Eyelash Extensions or Volume Eyelash Extensions depending on how naturally healthy your lashes are.

However, picking Eyelash Extensions for your look can be one hell of a task if you don’t know what types of lash extensions to choose to suit your eyes better. People living around Austin& Knoxville must worry not because you can get the best of the expertise on the same from “Wisp Lashes” especially with their handmade volume fans created exclusively for volume lashes.Eyelash extensions can help support your features & uplift the overall look of your face, so let us dive into knowing what classic & volume eyelash extensions are.

What are Classic eyelash extensions?

Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • If you wish to get a look more confident & add some drama to the eyes as well, then classic eyelash extensions make up for a great choice. 
  • Classic lashes are known as 1:1 eyelash extensions. This clearly means that a woman would get one eyelash extension each for their natural eyelash. 
  • This doubles up the lash volume with the said pair of extensions. Classic Eyelash Extensions are excellent for people who already have healthy natural lashes as the extensions add up to the volume of lashes they already possess & give them a natural & classic look overall. 
  • Not going overboard with anything, these lashes are what you wish for your everyday look.
  • It also comes with various materials, styles & thicknesses which the technician can help you decide better & the procedure generally take one & a half to two hours. 
  • Depending on your natural lashes, the lash look desired & the shape of the eye, a custom lash map is created. 
  • And, by understanding the natural lash strength, length, density & shape, a full eyelash extension is created for each client giving a lash look unique from everyone else. 
  • If you are already fed up of applying that mascara, nothing’s better than going for Classic eyelash extensions as they offer you long, thick & natural lashes, giving you a darker eyelash experience just like the mascara.

What are Volume eyelash extensions?

Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • If you are a person who wants to get noticed & recognised by everyone at a party amidst hundreds of people, you can head directly for getting volume eyelash extensions. 
  • In this lash extension technique, multiple thin lashes are applied to the lashes to make it look even more voluminous than ever. 
  • The ratio in volume eyelashes is slightly different than classic eyelashes. Here, the ratios are 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4. Handmade volume lashes are also made exclusively for individual clients with each volume fan having 2-6 lashes. 
  • With choosing volume eyelash set, you can easily increase the lash volume by 200% to 600%.
  • Volume Eyelash Extensions are mostly chosen for big events, proms or weddings, etc. as they make your eyes & the overall look as magnificent as ever. 
  • People with thin & short lashes can undoubtedly go for volume fans which can fill in the gaps & give more texture & depth to the eyes. 
  • You may even throw away your mascara after applying the volume lashes because after that you may not need one!
  • Talking about the diameters of both the eyelash extensions, Classic lashes have a diameter between 0.10mm to 0.15mm & Volume lashes have between 0.03mm and 0.07mm. 
  • People looking for natural curls can choose the Classic eyelash style & people looking for more noticeable & fluffier curls can choose the Volume eyelash style. 
  • Anything you select would prove to be a worthwhile experience & would help transform your look completely.

When you understand the natural lashes you are already blessed with; you also understand the type of Eyelash Extensions your eyes need. Simply put, people with healthier & stronger lashes – go the Classic style & spill in your sassy side. And, people with thinner or damaged lashes – go the Volume style & bloom with a smile.