Lash Extensions Myths Busted


Myth #1: Having lash extensions damages your natural lashes.

This is the number one question we get in the lash extensions industry. When eyelash extensions are applied by a trained professional with the right techniques, your natural eyelashes will never be at risk. Make sure to always look at the reviews of the lash lounge you are going to. Here at Wisp Lash Lounge, we have our lash artists highly trained to help not only maintain the client’s natural lashes, but to also help the lashes still be able to grow.

Myth #2: The application process of lash extensions causes pain or discomfort.

When applied correctly, having lashes applied should never hurt or make you feel uncomfortable. The eyelash extensions application should always be a relaxing moment for the client. Some clients even fall asleep during the application process. While the process can be somewhat timely, it is a luxurious, relaxing and spa like experience here at Wisp.

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Myth #3: You can’t wash your face or eyelashes when you have eyelash extensions.

This is a common misconception, that is not true. Washing your eyelashes helps retain the longevity of your lash extensions because you are stripping the oils away from the lashes. Oil or products with oil, are your worst enemy. Using oils on or near your lashes will make the lifespan of your lash extensions decrease dramatically. Always be sure to look at each ingredient in your skin care routine and makeup before applying when wearing eyelash extensions.