Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Lash Extensions


Eyes have been personified by poets since ages; they ought to be as they are the most magnificent part of women’s beauty that glorifies every aspect of their being. The cosmetic industry has witnessed a multitude of trends that have enhanced the beauty of the eyes; lash extensions are the newest discovery which is a painless mode to achieve those mesmerizing eyes without experiencing the inconvenience of falsies or mascara. Although the procedure is expensive and time-consuming, this is an assured way for the young gals to wake up to a promising image in the mirror every morning.

Let’s understand the basic terminology. They are predominantly made from synthetic material such as mink, faux mink or silk fibres ,often provided by studios in a variety of curl, tints and lengths to customize the customer’s look. These semi-permanent materials are attached to the natural lashes using semi-permanent glue so that the original lashes can look longer, fuller and darker.  

  • Considering the nuances and criticality when it comes to our delicate lashes, we would recommend you to be careful when u choose your studio for the extension job. 
  • Cheaply priced salons often allure clients but are a great risk when it comes to hygiene, quality products, and professionalism. 
  • The major risk that clients may face is infection or irritation, which may be due to the adhesive that is used to stick the lashes onto the original ones. 
  • We at Wisp Lashes have been in this industry for a prolonged period, having a reputation in the beauty circuits for our top-level services ensuring every minute detail for optimum client satisfaction. 
  • We believe that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising to bring clients to our studio, so we refrain from compromising on any aspect of our lash extension procedure. We offer two lash extension options that are best suitable for making those eyes look seductively wider and beautiful. 
  • Let us go through those in detail to clear any doubts that may persist in your minds before you meet us.

Classic Eyelash extensions – 

  • This option is most suitable for naturally long and healthy eyelashes when clients are aiming at doing away with eye-makeup especially mascara to attain a longer and darker lash experience. 
  • At Wisp Lashes, our professional team of expert’s puts enormous emphasis on creating a customizable look in accordance with the client’s desires as each individual has varying length, strength, shape, and density. 
Classic Eyelases
  • In the classic procedure for each natural eyelash, the client would receive one lash extension. So in simple words, you must expect your lash volume to double with a Classic Lash Set, making your charming eyes appear wider and fuller. 
  • Furthermore, our ambiance is perfect to make you feel pampered throughout the first session which would take 2 hours. 
  • Each refilling session would be on appointment basis where you would be expected to reach to our heavenly abode 5 minutes in advance for your 1-hour session, to experience that makeover with our truly well-trained team

Volume Eyelash extensions – 

  • For those dramatic eyes and extra volume, these extensions are a must for the tender gender who dream of adding more drama to their lashes than the Classic extensions. 
  • Also the ladies who may not have the privilege of healthy and naturally long lashes due to thinning or damage can opt for this service where lash artists can insert volume fans to fill in any natural gaps for a brimming, darker and balanced look.
lash extensions
  • Now you would wonder what volume fans are. Volume fans are tailor-made during your appointments where each volume fan has 2-6 fans which are inserted on a single healthy lash. These handmade fans differ for each client as the design, length, and diameter are based on the health and length of your natural lashes which are always unique for every client. 
  • Since the effort put in is much greater the time consumed for these extensions would be much more than the Classic extensions. It would take 3 hours for a first-timer and 1.5 hours for every refilling session. 
  • Thus with these extensions, you can bounce your volume by almost 200-600%, which is a substantial increase.

When a client desires to have an amalgamation, taking the best of both the extension procedure to add more fluff but not too much volume they can select the Hybrid Lash extension.

Like many new advanced cosmetic techniques, this procedure also requires the clients to follow some stringent norms to avoid any discomfort. Clients need to be cautious in their daily routine life not sleeping on their faces and rubbing their eyes as this may cause harm to the lash extensions. Basic care would involve giving no rash touch or tug to the extensions The techniques and tips for cleansing and washing the lashes must be thoroughly followed, making sure to use lash cleaner only. The kind of make-up that you use must be oil-free and you will have to switch over to water-based liners from your normal ones. Refilling sessions must be booked within 2-3 weeks without fail at our salons.  

Visiting us once is imperative to ensure that you do not have to wander in search of a top-class lash extension studio as it would be the commencement of our life-long lash extension journey. Wisp Lashes offers exclusive treatment with high-end product quality and well-trained artist to fulfil your desires to have those gorgeous looking eyes with stunning lashes.