Best Makeup Products To Use For Eyelash Extensions In 2019

Today everyone is always raving about how amazing new makeup products are, whether that be from YouTube, Instagram or a friend. While wearing eyelash extensions may make it hard to try out every new product, there are still many appraised makeup products out there for our lash lovers!

Going from moisturizer all the way to eyeshadow, there is a product that is lash approved and perfect for you!

Moisturizer: If you want perfect glowing skin to match with those perfect long lashes, moisturizer is a necessity!

Primer: These primers help keep your makeup looking fresh throughout your busy day!

Foundation: Look flawless and flirty with your radiant skin and voluminous lashes.

Concealer: Lashes make your eyes stand out, but concealer helps make your under eyes NOT stand out!

Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow and eyelashes go hand in hand. Make sure your eye look is on point while still making your lashes a priority.

Eyeliner: While your eyelashes make a bold statement, eyeliner enhances that look even more!

Mascara: Although mascara is not needed while having eyelash extensions, some women like the added effect it gives! Be extra careful when choosing this product.

  • Max2- Special Mascara for Eyelash Extensions ($12)

Setting Spray: Setting sprays makes sure your makeup is going to be set in place all day long. Make sure to use the correct setting spray so your lashes stay in tip top shape!

Pro-tip: Make sure to always use products that are oil-free.

Have a lashtastic day! xoxo

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