Are you searching for the finest pair of eyelash extensions? – Ultimate guide to everything you need to know


It’s a well-known fact that the ultimate way to achieve stunning and alluring looking lashes is only possible with stylized eyelash extensions. And undoubtedly, perfect size is a struggle for many who opt for eyelash extensions. The size is an important factor which is taken into consideration as one single size cannot be a fit for all. Each of us has own set of preferences and requirements when it comes to lash extensions. Hence, eyelash extensions can beautify or ruin your face look. Therefore, seek advice from our experts at Wisp Lashes to evaluate what suits your face cut the best.

The size of eyelash extensions mainly depends upon the length, diameter, and nature of your natural eyelashes. These are the fundamentals that cannot be overlooked while deciding the size of eyelash extensions.

Let us discuss each of the factors in a bit of detail to help you choose the most viable option according to your needs.

1. Length

  • Everyone has a different set of length considerations based on the look they want to carve out. Length considerations may be Long, Short, Medium or any other customized choice.
  • Length is determined by how your natural lashes can hold the longer lash extensions without breaking. The most widely accepted range of lash extensions is (8-15) mm.
lash extensions
  • The length you want would actually depend on the look you wish to carry along. If your face is slightly oval then shorter Eyelash Extensions will suit your personality. Whereas, if your face is square then you can go for longer eyelash extensions.

2. Thickness

  • Thickness defines the diameter of the eyelash extensions. For different purposes and preferences, lash extensions of varied thicknesses are used.
  • Lashextensionswith too much thickness should be avoided because they become heavy for natural lashes to support. This results in poor retention and breakage of natural lashes.
eyelash extensions
  • It should be noted that customized dimensions can also be achieved by experienced technicians, keeping the inverse relationship between length and thickness in mind.

3. Type

It mainly depends on the number of lash extensions applied in lieu of natural lashes. The most common categorizations are Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes, Hybrid Lashes, and 2D.

  • Classic Lashes– When a thicker extension is applied over a natural lash. It is advisable for those who have good natural lash density.
  • Volume Lashes– When 3-5 finer lash extensions are applied over a natural lash. It is advisable for those who have lower natural lash density.

The above-discussed factors are the fundamentals in getting the answer to the question, “How to get your desired eyelash extension size?”

Apart from that, there are certain secondary parameters that you should also be kept in mind. These include the Style and Curl of the Eyelash Extensions.

*Style – Create different patterns by customizing the length effect of your eyelash extensions namely cat eye, doll eye, and dramatic eye. You can choose the best from the great variety of options at your disposal. In the end, you only wish to look the best. Isn’t it?

*Curl – Curl is defined as the basic orientation of the eyelash extensions generally defined by a letter of the English alphabet, representing the look of the curl. This, again, will depend upon the nature of the natural eyelash one has. Matching your natural eyelash extensions to the curl of your natural lashes can help increase retention because the stability will be more when lash extension adheres to the natural lash look.

pair of eyelash extensions

After going through the above information, one can definitely arrive at a conclusion and get rid of all the confusion regarding the size of the eyelash extension. Lastly, it should be kept in mind that whatever size you choose for yourself, it should not vary too much from your natural eyelash characteristics. Hence, in a nutshell, create an everlasting impression wherever you go and always be selfie-ready. Let happiness shine through your appealing eyelashes.

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