Volume lashes have been the most favored choice for clients who love full and dramatic lashes. Lucky for you, professional artists at Wisp Lashes have mastered the art of creating handmade volume fan lashes with skill and dedication! The intricate process of crafting those lash fans is truly praiseworthy.

While Classic lashes too require expertise, volume eyelash extensions, also popularly known as Russian volume lash extensions, take it to a whole new level. But, due to the time-consuming nature of handcrafting volume fan lashes, some lash artists may use premade fans.

This post will help you decide whether handmade or premade volume fans are the better choice. Whether you’re an enthusiastic lash technician looking to perfect your craft or a lash lover researching over volume eyelash extensions treatment, you’re in the right place!

We’ll share tips on perfecting the art of creating handmade volume fans that leave clients in awe of their gorgeous new set of lashes.

What are Volume Lashes?

If you’re new to eyelash extensions, you need to understand what volume lashes are all about. Volume lash extensions involve attaching multiple extensions to each of your natural lashes. This technique creates a beautiful ‘fan’ effect, adding incredible volume and filling in any gaps between sparse lashes. 

The technique may seem a bit tricky at first, but with practice professional lash artists are able to create handmade fans. Although it requires precision, the results are truly amazing. So, volume lashes offer a fantastic way to achieve attractive, voluminous lashes that will improve your beauty!

The Difference Between Handmade and Premade Volume Fan Lashes

Regarding volume lashes, there are two main types of fans: handmade and premade. Each has its own unique characteristics and benefits. Here we go with the differences between these two fan options.

Handmade Volume Lashes

The lash artist creates handmade volume lash fans during the appointment. It involves pulling a few extensions from the strip, fanning them, and applying them to the client’s natural lashes using lash glue. Handmade fans allow more customization and versatility in creating varied and bespoke looks. While it may take longer to apply handmade fans, the results are often custom-made to the client’s specific needs.

Advantages of Handmade Fans:

Disadvantages of Handmade Fans:

Premade Volume Fans

Premade volume fans are produced externally by a company and come ready to use. They are made by machine, and the fans are bonded to them with a small amount of lash glue or heat. Lash artists can peel a premade fan off the strip, dip it into the adhesive, and apply it to the client’s natural lash. Premade fans offer convenience and speed in the application process.

Advantages of Premade Fans:

Disadvantages of Premade Fans:

The choice between handmade and premade volume fans depends on customization, time, cost, and desired outcome. A lash artist assesses each client’s needs and selects the fan type that best suits their preferences and desired lash look.

Are Handmade Russian Volume Fan Lashes Better Than Premade?

Are Handmade Russian Volume Fan Lashes Better Than Premade

When talking about lash extension fans, handmade Russian volume fans hold a special place in terms of quality and customization. Handmade fans give you complete control over the desired volume lash look, allowing lash technicians to tailor each fan as per your natural lashes. They calculate the perfect length, weight, and diameter to achieve the desired effect.

On the other hand, premade fans offer convenience and time-saving benefits, especially when running a busy lash business. However, they limit customization and creativity. Lash experts have less control over the style you can provide your clients, as premade fans come with predetermined specifications. Moreover, the lash glue already applied to the premade fans may add an unknown amount of weight to the natural lashes, potentially causing damage when combined with their own glue.

While premade fans have their uses, such as freeing up time for other business tasks, handmade Russian fans provide a superior level of quality and the ability to create customized lash looks. This is the reason why professional lash lounge like Wisp Lashes prefer handmade volume fan lashes for a personalized touch and outstanding results that leaves clients feeling confident and beautiful.

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How to Make Volume Lash Fans Using Handmade Techniques?

Creating handmade volume fans involves the precision and skill of a professional lash technician, without using any machinery. Typically made during the appointment, these fans are crafted by fanning a couple of extensions, dipping them into a bonding substance, and then securing them on the client’s natural lash. The customization improves the quality of the eyelash extensions service provided. 

Several common techniques are used by lash artists to refine their skills:

Yes, practice made them perfect! 

Practicing different fanning techniques and experimenting with different fan sizes helps lash artists refine the craft of creating handmade volume lashes. It allows newbie lash artists to grow and gain confidence in using their own handmade eyelash fans on clients. This information aims to inspire confidence in those learning to create their own handmade volume fans for the first time.

Choose Wisp Lashes for Handmade Volume Eyelash Extensions!

Quality is important, and if handmade volume fan lashes are capable of providing longer-lasting results for clients, they are undoubtedly the better choice. Handmade or premade fans offer complete customization, allowing lash artists to master the lashing process from start to finish.

At Wisp Lashes, we prioritize excellence in lash artistry. Our lash artists have completed an in-house Wisp Eyelash Extension Training Program and are designated Advanced Artists. This comprehensive program provides education, hands-on training, and an apprenticeship period to guarantee that our lash artists provide the best services in the industry. With expert guidance covering layering, fanning techniques, lash pickup, adhesive control, and more, they have received real-time feedback to refine their skills and succeed in their craft.

By offering clients handmade volume lashes, we aim to deliver the highest quality possible. So the next time you search for a lash tech near me, get in touch with Wisp Lashes as we align the client’s needs and keep up the excellence in providing extensions. 

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