Congratulations on booking your first eyelash extension appointment. We are so excited to be your lash artists and can’t wait to meet you. Your eyelash extension appointment should be a retreat from the day-to-day and something you look forward to every few weeks. Many first time clients have questions about what to do before the appointment or what the appointment itself will be like. Below are a few tips to making the most of your lash appointment.

1. Make yourself comfortable

Your comfort is our number one priority during you lash appointment. We have blankets made of the softest material and plush pillows for you to feel perfectly comfortable while lying down for your appointment. We will ensure that you are comfortable before starting the service, but if at any point you need to stand, use the restroom, or readjust, please do so!

2. Quiet is Ok

We love to have conversations with our clients but if the client simply wants peace and quiet, then feel free to tell your artist. Many of our clients look forward to their regular Lash Naps and our artists are perfectly happy to accommodate. However, our artists love their clients and aim to make them as comfortable as possible. They will likely strike up conversation with you to pass the time. Never be afraid to ask for some peace and quiet from your artist if you wish to fall asleep or simply take a break from talking!

3. Skip the Coffee!

We all love our morning cup of coffee but, for some of us, it can interfere with your ability to lie still during your entire appointment. On the day of your first lash appointment, skip the coffee so that you can be sure to let your body relax in the time your lashes are getting done. After that, know your body and listen to your artist. If your artist observes that you are super fidgety or unsettled, they may ask that you skip the caffeine ahead of future lash appointments.

4. Listen to Music or podcasts

Wisp Lash Lounges generally play upbeat music to keep the artists and clients’ spirits uplifted but if you have specific music of podcasts you like to listen to, we encourage you to bring ear buds to play during your appointment.

5. Choose a Convenient Time of Day and Day of the Week for your appointment

Make sure to schedule your appointment on a time and day that is most convenient for you. Great lashes take time – 2-3 hours for a full set and 1-2 hours for a fill. The last thing we want is for you to feel rushed or hurried during your appointment.

6. Do Not Disturb

Your eyes must remain closed so that fumes from the lash adhesive do not burn or irritate your eyes. Because of this, we ask that phones be left on Silent Mode and remain put away during the duration of the appointment. Take this time away from your phone to fully relax and not worry about emails, calls or notifications for the rest of your session.

We hope this helped answer your questions about your lash appointment!