Eye make-up such as mascara or curlers has been used to amp up the appearance of your eyes. Falsies are another beauty option to make your eyes stand out and enhance your look a great deal. These are in the past as lash extensions are capturing the beauty market at rocket speed. Your eyes will look dreamier and sexy with a set of luxurious lashes. To complete your perfect look, this method is preferred widely to get ready for any occasion in minutes.

A professional technique to enhance your natural lashes without using falsies or mascara, lash extensions involves adhering synthetic lashes onto each of your natural lashes with the help of an adhesive. Wait a minute before you run to your nearest lash stylist! Since this is an artificial process, you won’t enjoy all the liberties you had with your natural lashes.

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A mixture of water and lash extensions is absolutely fine. The rumors that have been going around are baseless. The only hitch is immediately after your lash appointment. You cannot apply water onto your lashes for the first 8 hours until they are completely dry. This time frame lets the adhesive bond the synthetic lash fibers properly onto your natural lash to avoid them falling off prematurely. I bet you don’t want those wonky-looking lashes too early. After 24 hours you are as free as a bird to jump in the pool or soak yourself in the bathtub.

However, you will have to follow some simple showering tips to keep your lashes in tip-top shape.

1) Avoid taking hot steamy showers

If you are used to bathing with super-hot water from showers, be ready to lower the temperatures. The high temperature from the steamy hot showers weakens the glue that bonds the extensions. The same rule applies to saunas and steam rooms as they too would cause harm to your extensions.

2) The danger of vigorous shower jets

After a tiring day, you love that speedy water running from the showerhead hitting your face. Wait a second. If you have your lash extensions on, steer clear from anything that can possibly ruin your beauty magnifier. The force of water gushing out from the shower may affect the lash bonding.

A suggestion although may seem weird will work best if you love that surge of H2O on your face. Wear goggles! Yes, that’s right. No kidding but wearing sunglasses can help protect the lash extensions from any damage. Isn’t that on your top-priority list? Or do you want to rush much sooner to your next lash appointment?

3) Handle with care

Your lashes are delicate and need to be handled with utmost care. A strong push or pull during a bath, especially when scrubbing your face with your favorite scrub can weaken the bonding due to friction. Some may even tend to rub their eyes vigorously in the shower. Thus, damage to your dainty pair of lashes is inevitable. 

Leave washing your face gently either before or after you shower. While washing your face in the sink you tend to splash water on your face with your hands thus reducing the force of the water on the extensions. Another advantage of following this rule of thumb would be that sink water is cooler than the water in showers thus preventing your delicate skin from becoming dry.

4) Pamper your lashes after a shower

Dabbing the towel directly on your eyes might exert pressure on the lash extensions. The tender lash extensions may get pulled due to this force. A technique that your lash artist will recommend is that you must dab the area above and below your eyes. Like you blow-dry and comb your hair, gently brush your lashes upwards with a lash wand to keep them fluffy and well-maintained.

5) Review your cosmetic products

Refrain from any face wash, soaps, or shampoos that may contain oil or alcohol. These products do not gel with your eyelash extensions causing detachment of the lashes due to the breaking of the adhesive bond. An additional advantage of using oil-free products would be that they are acne-free as they do not tend to block your pores. You need to consult your lash stylist to confirm if the products you are using are conducive to your natural lashes.

Applying a moisturizer directly on the face will break down the glue due to the presence of oil in them. It does not mean you cannot apply these creams. But you need to be extra careful to avoid the area around the lashes.

Although rubbing your eyes is a strict no-no, you can use eyelash extension shampoos for cleansing that are readily available in the market. These help to preserve the glue thus adding more longevity to your semi-permanent lashes.

Even after having extensions some just cannot give-up their much-loved eye-makeup. The eye products, including the remover, will have to be oil-free to preserve your lash bonding. It is advisable to dip a Q-tip in the remover to gently remove the eye-makeup rather than using cotton balls or pads. Cotton particles may interfere with the extensions. In short, the lash extensions must be left alone as far as possible.

Even though waterproof mascara or liner does not affect the strength of the glue, it is hard to remove them without an oil-based remover. To clean the mascara or liner you can apply a foaming cleanser that is devoid of oil directly on your lashes with a makeup brush that is fluffy. You need not wash the cleaner off with water; instead, remove it by dabbing a moist cloth. As a word of caution, please think twice before you use any products on your eyes.


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