Volume lashes are in vogue, with everyone from celebrities to businesswomen flaunting it. As a lash lounge offering volume lash extensions, you can expect lots of clients coming in for those gorgeous, fluttering volume lashes.

With high-quality lashes, adhesives, and best practices, you can quickly create a loyal client base. However, when the procedure isn’t done right, it can result in an uneven look that drives your clients away.

Do you want to resolve such issues with volume lashes and ensure that your client walks out happy? Read on to find out how.

How Can You Fix Issues with Volume Lashes?

Are you receiving complaints from clients about your eyelash extensions?

Well, even when you use the best quality of lashes and adhesives, there are times when things go wrong. So, what can you do during those times?Acing the proper technique is the best way to prevent such issues and fix them. Let’s look at some useful tips to resolve such issues when fixing volume lash extensions.

Issue #1: When Lashes Aren’t Bonded Properly

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Just as your client is admiring their newly-placed long and beautiful eyelashes in your lash lounge, a lash or two falls down! Those lashes that you promised will last for a month falls just moments after you fix it. 

It would be the most embarrassing moment for the lash artist when that happens. It can even ruin the reputation.

This happens when the lash isn’t correctly secured at the location or when the adhesive isn’t used right. 

How Can You Secure the Lash Extensions Properly?

If the issue is due to poor placement, then the only way to resolve it is by practice. Sometimes, the lash may not be attached properly to the natural hair. The best way is to peel off the lash and place it back in the right position. Else, there are chances that it may fall sooner. 

Don’t try to add more adhesive to secure the lash when you know well that the lash isn’t properly placed. 

If the issue is due to the adhesive, then there are a few tips to fix this issue:

After placing the eyelash extensions, you can advise the client to take care of the lashes by cleaning it regularly.

Issue #2: When the Lash Fan Closes with the Natural Lashes

This is one common issue that many lash artists face. As you place the lash on the natural lash, you can see the lash shift and close up with the natural lash. This could create an uninviting look and lead to dissatisfied clients. 

When more of such lashes close together, it can lead to a clumpy and uneven appearance.

How Can You Avoid the Lash Extensions from Closing Together?

This probably happens a lot because of the adhesive that’s still in the liquid form and tends to move the lash around. There are three ways to fix this issue.

  1. After placing the lash, you can hold it for a few seconds longer in the position you want it to stay. Giving a few seconds will ensure that the adhesive dries up a bit and secures the lash to the location.
volume lash extensions
  1. Instead of taking a lot of adhesive at the base of the lashes before placement, you can take a tiny bit of glue that’s sufficient to hold in its place. This would mean faster drying up of the adhesive and easy way of securing the lashes in its place.
  2. If you’re seeing the lashes closing up already, it isn’t too late to fix it. Act fast when the adhesive is still wet and use the tweezers to separate the lashes evenly and wait for a few seconds to dry. 

Issue #3: When the Lashes Aren’t Symmetrical

After you’re done with the job, you realize that the lashes aren’t spaced properly and the lash line doesn’t look symmetrical. So what’s the problem here?

This happens when you concentrate too much on fixing the lashes properly that you completely ignore the spacing. Or, the lashes may shift after you place it and get clumped together in different directions. Such a volume lash extension is going to give an untidy look which no one wants.

How Can Ensure That the Volume Lash Extensions Are Symmetrical?

When you’re placing the lashes, make sure to hold the lash up and straight perpendicular to the eye. Many tend to move the lash sideways or downwards that could lead to the improper lash line.

One more common reason this happens is when the lash artists rush to complete the job. Take time to place each lash. Think about the placement and the spacing of the previous lash and follow the same throughout. 

Placing eyelash extensions is like art; no good comes out from being fast. Be patient, keep your hands steady, and be present in your job.

Volume lashes can last for a long time when the technique and the placement of the lashes are right. Be mindful of how you’re working with the lashes and accurately secure them. 

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